September 8, 2013


Today we revisit that beauty from day before yesterday, the one with the 3 turret thingies etc. in Herndon, VA that is in foreclosure.  Land of Excess believes that its troubled ownership history might have been predicted by, say, this aerial photo from Bing Maps.  The spec builders seem to have just bought this “lot” and plunked down this building (almost identical to two others they have built across the road) willy nilly with no regard for the actual site, including the fact that the northwestern-most part is a mere 100 feet from busy Route 7, and the southeastern-most part is about 32 feet from the neighboring house; can you imagine the fraught neighborly relationships this might foster?  But we really get all worked up about the lack of windows on the southwestern exposure, possibly resulting in builder-induced seasonal affective disorder.  And, ack, those complicated-looking power lines about 110 feet from the house, a potential electric and magnetic field hazard according to some. Time to get out the gaussmeter, real estate buyers.