September 3, 2013


Land of Excess sometimes likes to look at a property from several perspectives.  On seeing this online listing for a “magnificent renovated French Normandy” in Potomac, MD, featuring garaging for 4 cars, 6 full and 2 half baths, and 5 bedrooms, offered for sale at $3,000,000., we couldn’t help but wonder about the “lot”, as real estate type refer to small acreages in suburban territory.  When we saw this image courtesy the fabulous Bing Maps, we thought back to what might seem now like a semi-feral childhood running around for hours unsupervised and half naked in the woods and later fully clothed on galloping half-trained ponies on friends’ properties which included cattle and such, etcetera.  What is the meaning here of this formal play area with its multiple terraces of plantings and formal access-way?  We suppose we are asking what is the difference between once or twice falling into ground-hog holes and the like, and being on this play set under the probable supervision of a nanny?