September 23, 2014


Land of Excess pays a repeat call to “Chateau in Oak Hollow” in Clifton, VA.  When we see “Hollow” we think of coal mines and mountain “hollers” in West Virginia and Kentucky and are entertained by the presumably inadvertent wit of the combination of ‘chateau’ and ‘hollow’.  If we may say so, we think this disjunction encapsulates this place perfectly.  The architect is the the owner, who has “overseen many DoD [Department of Defense] construction projects.”  [Washington Life Magazine 2/24/12]  In today’s picture, we have the most conspicuous use of a car that we have ever seen in our trolling of real estate listings in the Greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area.  The text accompanying this picture says “The timeless charm of the Porte-Cochere welcomes you with quiet elegance….”  [ellipsis included in the original text].  Land of Excess is getting too tangled up in this post to go on.  Anyway, for $7,200,000 you get garaging for 8 cars, 7 full and 2 partial baths, 7 bedrooms, and a whole lot more stuff.