September 23, 2012


Tonight, Land of Excess returns to “Norton Manor”, the flabbergasting pomposity newly constructed in Potomac, MD by owners Frank Islam and Debbie Dreisman.  We couldn’t help noticing that in the video [] from which this screen grab was taken, Debbie Dreisman is so clearly not having fun (but then her  husband appears to not be having fun either…) that we wonder if one or both of them have guns pointed at their heads.   Anyway, we gather from this picture that the arched area at center is a porte cochere, and that guests may be delivered to it via the paved drives on either side of the fountain and pool which we believe is designed as a sort of miniature version of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool on the National Mall.  The Islam/Dreisman household apparently does a lot of entertaining on behalf of the Democratic Party.  Our founder, who is mostly averse to entertaining, thinks that much of the Georgetown Four Seasons could be rented out at a rate that amortized over 30 years might cost less than this place and look better too.