September 18, 2013


An alert reader brought this flabbergasting pomposity to our attention!!  The picture here is what pops up when visiting the the online version of Washington Life Magazine and scrolling down to the ” Inside Homes” section.   This place in Potomac, MD is called “Norton Manor” and is the newly constructed dwelling of Frank Islam, a former IT CEO, and his wife Debbie Driesman.  It is 3 buildings totaling 40,000 plus square feet in a French Neo-Classical style, says the article.  There are many references to government buildings inside and out, including, for instance, reproductions of presidential desks and presidential pillows, and murals of the Capitol, White House, and Lincoln Memorial.  Land of Excess can’t wait to post more stuff about this place and also the presentation of it in Washington Life Magazine and in the fun video we will link to in the comments.