September 15, 2013


Land of Excess has received tongue-in-cheek encouragement from two of our facebook friends to apply for the newly offered job of “Mansions Reporter” for the Wall Street Journal.  The Mansion section comes out weekly and covers expensive residential buildings.  We are embarrassed to say we have never bothered to look at it.

Anyway, we must also confess that we were extremely flattered to be thought of, but after we got over that lovely feeling we got to thinking about the down and dirty business of newspapers and magazines.  How is it– JUST BY CHANCE ??!!?? that magazines and newpapers somehow seem to cover the same subjects from which they manage to receive advertising revenue?  Coverage about fashion?  Advertising from clothing stores and design houses etc etc.  Coverage of hot real estate topics?  Advertising by real estate brokerage firms!!!!!  Golly!!!  Somehow Land of Excess thinks that our perspective would be an unwelcome intrusion into these symbiotic relationships.

There were at a number of online articles about this job offering, including the one linked to here at, one at Slate, and one at the Atlantic.  The headline from the latter is “Wall Street Journal Is Hiring a Mansions Reporter, Because Guess Who Won the Recovery”.  We like that.  We would like to do a monthly post or piece for the Atlantic, or Slate, or Mad Magazine, or the New York Review of Books.  Something like that.  How do we go about pursuing this goal??