September 13, 2013


Land of Excess took a little trip [figuratively speaking] out to Leesburg, VA  to check out the real estate listings happening there.  We came across this “home fit for royalty”.  6 full and 3 half baths, garaging for 3 cars, and 7 bedrooms.  $2,250,000.  We are puzzled by something in the text for this listing: the driveway featured here is referred to as a “governor’s driveway”.  Does this mean that if you buy this place you are just so very fancy that “Governor Gifty” (as Bob McDonnell, Governor of Virginia, is nastily nicknamed due to all the large and legally iffy gifts that accrue to him and his acquisitive wife Maureen), will come in a large car driven by a chauffeur into this hosed-down asphalt circle and demand that you give him your “$700K in custom upgrades”?