December 23


Land of Excess accidently ran into an article about foreclosures in the Greater Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, and was startled to see that, included in a list of the highest-priced foreclosures, was not one but TWO buildings we have featured. This residential structure was featured in our second week of posts. At the time, we mentioned that “Just looking at the photograph makes me feel anxious, depressed, and yes, paranoid.” [We had not quite nailed down the “we” bit at that time...] This place was initially offered in February 2012 for $4,350,000 and is now in foreclosure and offered at $2,969,500 in Great Falls, VA. Some versions of the current listing include the information that the buyer bought the place for “3.5M” and spent another “3.5M” on renovations. This makes our founder feel relatively lucky in all ways.