December 11


Land of Excess has posted twice already about this building, firstly about the multiple heights of the garage doors and secondly about the weird faux-paneling-cum-molding-parallelograms along the double debutante stairs. Now we come to the front lawn. Is
this little installation intended as a debutant date trap?? Maybe it goes like this: after some heavy late-night petting in a second floor bedroom, the debutante and her date hear a parental approach down the hall. To avoid detection, the date snags his jacket etc. and hides in the adjacent marble-floored en-suite bath. After the coast clears, he makes a break for it, running down the hall and down one of the stairs, averting his eyes, for safety, from the parallelograms, lest he fall prey to their disorienting effect . Bursting out the front door, he sprints away from the house into the darkness and trips over that first brick-covered-with-concrete wall that is supposed to add definition to the mini-berm. Staggering to his feet, he notices in the dim light the two anemic topiaries flanking the mini-berm. To be continued.