October 30, 2013


Land of Excess just can’t bear it when a the availability of a really swell southern exposure is completely ignored by developers, who seem to just throw buildings down willy nilly.  This photo shows 6 residential buildings in a development just west of Leesburg, VA.  NONE of these places is oriented for a full southern exposure.  Some even privilege the GARAGING with light.  But ALL of these buildings COULD have been sited so that many of rooms have sun most of the day.  The blue arrow points to a building that can have sun in the afternoon in all seasons and in the winter it will have sun through sunset.  The purple arrows indicate what must have been accidental orientation toward the south of some rooms.  And the red arrows indicate…our wrath.  We wonder why this FREE asset is completely ignored.  Could it be that everyone just cares about what their building looks like from the road?