October 26, 2013


And now its time for the Land of Excess Saturday Night “Compare and Contrast”!!! Here we present two photos of an archy/pointy thing a-fixed around and above the front doors of these two dwellings. We imagine our friends are now expecting us to take them through each and every part of these two thingies in order to explain how much better the one at left is, in design and craftsmanship. We could start with FUNCTION. Part of the function is the announcing that THIS is the entrance and that we should approach the house this way, but also, part of the function is for shelter. We think that this front thingie at left will provide shelter from the elements!! And that the one at right will barely be able to accomplish this task if there is any wind, or if the person being sheltered is very large. Furthermore, we think the entranceway at left could accommodate some seating which would provide a halcyon vantage from which to greet one’s guests as they approach, or from which to contemplate little wild animals being run over on Georgetown Pike down below. Or, it would accommodate a table on which to place one’s bag of groceries as one fumbles for one’s keys. In the picture at right, we could imagine a very small table. But instead we find 2 lions who are there to scare guests and robbers away. We wonder if there are paired lions on either side of the doors in the back. Moving on from function tomorrow!