October 16, 2013


Today, Land of Excess follows up on our post of yesterday, about the $24,000,000 to-be-built extravaganza tucked in between busy Dolley Madison Boulevard and the quieter Chain Bridge Road.  We had pondered the re-locating verbiage of the listing, which claimed the extravaganza was to be born and to live in Ballantrae Farms.  Now our trusty researchers have found this exquisite video featuring the listing broker from 2010 [ the one who sold it to the person who is now developing it as a spec. house] and he refers to the location as Langley Farms.  Land of Excess’s founder finds these verbal relocations tacky and suspect [as we find much art verbiage]…. Anyway, for that video, check here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngb4lv2iIjs

And for some really swell tackiness news from 2008 featuring the person who bought this property and is developing it into the $24,000,000 extravaganza, check here: http://articles.washingtonpost.com/2008-08-30/news/36820464_1_birthday-party-birthday-girl-happy-birthday