October 15, 2013


Lordy lordy, for only $24,000,000 you can have what some spec. builder is planning on putting on top of the modernist dwelling featured at bottom, right next to busy Dolley Madison Boulevard.  It will be an ”exquisite estate…in the heart of McLean’s most prestigious neighborhood: Ballantrae Farms.  Over 20,0000 sq. ft….”  etc. etc. etc. with 6 full and 2 half baths, 6 bedrooms, and a 3 car garage. The residential dwellings in this neighborhood have been swelling up for the last 20 or so years, matching or dwarfing the used-to-be-big Hickory Hill, circled in blue. On the cutting edge has been Dick Cheney’s place, circled in red.  We wonder if he is cheering on his nut-case republican extremist policy spawn tonight.  Anyway, Land of Excess ponders the geographic limits of  “Ballantrae Farms” and wonders if it has taken over some territory that used to be  called “Langley Farms”.