October 10, 2013


Well!!  Look at this laundry room!!  Land of Excess thinks that this is swell, to give over  space and design dollars to make a functioning work room for a task that has to done regularly and that should be given its due in space and fittings.  We would love to have a laundry room of this size and appointments.

We quibble with the style, the appliances, etcetera, and we suppose we would like glass doors over the shelves at left, to keep things clean.  And geez isn’t everybody ready to give up on the fake antiquing thing involving sanding the corners of painted furniture?  A special note to one of our readers, Julie Wolfe– does this wallpaper make you feel “itchy”?  Anyway, all yours in McLean, VA with– Nancy Buchanan, are you listening?– 8 FULL AND 1 HALF BATHS and only 6 bedrooms!!!!!   AGHGHGHG –must be lots of toilet flushing or hand washing or who knows what else going on!!!!  Garage details not listed, an oddment.  $3,400,000.