November 13, 2013


Today Land of Excess is pondering these photos that were included in the online listing for a residential building in Great Falls, VA.  It is just across the road from where as a wee little girl our founder helped her neighbor friends throw pebbles at cars (which might pass once every five minutes) from their “fort” which was built above the embankment by the road.  Anyway, we are just a little puzzled about this “VERSAILLES CUSTOM HOME” and the two versions of its “GRAND FOYER” pictured here.  We have figured out that these are not exactly the same actual hallway, but we can’t figure out the whole raison d’etre of the thingy with the two columns above the door.  It sort of makes us think of a bricked up wall behind which lies dead bodies, like something we might have seen in a scary movie nearabouts the same period in which we were throwing pebbles at cars.  And so why put a portholey window in the wall behind which the bodies are hidden, as at right?  Anyway, just $3,895,000 with garaging for 4, 6 full and 3 partial baths, and 6 bedrooms.