November 11, 2013


Land of Excess’s founder has been working on a piece for about a month now from which this image is excerpted.  It shows an aerial just west of the town of Leesburg, VA, (about 30+ miles west as the crow flies from Washington, D.C.). At left you can see busy route 7, which we can recall, back in the olden days, was just 2 lanes.  We suspect that the house and barn in the middle of the picture were constructed during that 2-lane phase, given the proximity of the house to the road and also to the aged appearance of the barn, which may or may not have been turned partially into living quarters.  For those of you who don’t know, it used to be that houses were built right next to a main road with no worry about noise and traffic etc. because the road was for horse-drawn carriages which came by once in a while–this is why you often may see “antique” houses right on the road.  Anyway, we are struck by the fact of the Hubristic Period residential building at upper right going up in such close proximity to the older vernacular barn/house.