November 10, 2013


Land of Excess’s founder has been temporarily muted and blinded by the Hubristic Period and the School of Incongruency.  Their imperial dominance in the Greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area  is such that there is little else to set them in relief.  Nevertheless, we press on.  Today, we were stuck by the text of the listing excerpted here:  “The Tara: Cedar Crest Spectacular!…soaring ceilings, conservatory, Faux! Master suite w/ fire” etcetera.   We understand from this jumble of verbiage that this residential building is a builder’s model ever so modestly and without any irony and with the most superficial historical or literary consciousness called “The Tara”.  We guess that it is in a development called, meaninglessly, Cedar Crest.  We understand that the dwelling has a number of features including “fire” which we assume refers to a fireplace.  But, what is “Faux!”  ???  $1,280,000 gets the lucky buyer garaging for 3, 5 full and 2 partial baths and 4 bedrooms in Chantilly, VA.