May 5, 2015

7715 Carlton library

The pictures featured in online real estate listings provide insights about how various segments of our society think that they want to present themselves.  In these photos, we also get to see what kinds of remnants of our culture they possess, how these remnants are displayed or integrated into the rooms, and how they are used or not used.  These photos often provoke considerable distress in Land of Excess’s founder, such as the several photos of this room that are labelled “Unique Expansive Library”.   How odd then that here is only one book visible, and it is on a pedestal/book stand and grouped with other objects in a display that functions as decor.  $2,700,000 in “A Prestigious Neighborhood” of McLean, VA with 6 bedrooms, 6 full and 2 partial baths, and garaging for 3.