May 3, 2013


Golly Land of Excess can’t believe this place is really “4 Yr Young”.  It looks brand new in a neglected kind of way. Nor can we believe a real realtor would say something so yucky as “4 Yr Young”.   Anyway, someone could have got some perennials going a little sooner, for starters.  And what is the point of the little center island in the driveway/parking area?  It is as if it just represents something to which it hopelessly aspires.  (And anyway this type of structure should have an imitation of a classical fountain here, at minimum.)  Overall, from this view we get a sense of unexpected and inappropriate nakedness, kind of like encountering an acquaintance who is half dressed in an elevator.  This blank nakedness in Potomac, MD is yours for $2,677,000. and includes garaging for 4 cars, 7 full and 2 half baths, and 7 bedrooms.  And it is a “Spectacular Colonial W/Architectural Flair”.