May 20, 2013


Land of Excess wasn’t too excited about this property until we were reeling under the impact of both the fountain (and its fountain-i-ness, featured below), and the listing text which includes ”…space for elaborate entertaining for hundreds with large parking area, and large, private lower level office/boardroom with rear entry.”  This is the first time we have encountered a “private boardroom” in our endeavor as Land of Excess.  We find it sinister that you might want to have a board meeting here and the board members will just be slipping in and out through the rear entry on the lower level.  We wonder if someday this is what Monsanto will have to do for its board meetings.  Yours in Potomac, MD for $3,495,000 including a 3 car garage, 8 full and 2 half baths, and 8 bedrooms.  Maybe the whole board can stay over if they double up for the night.