March 31, 2013



Perusing online real estate listings in McLean, VA, Land of Excess came across some new construction priced at $2,799,000.  Here is a picture of the deck on the back of this ”Stunning Mansion”.  Hark what yonder view do we spy (and hear)?   It is the blur and whoosh of motor vehicles on the inner loop of the Beltway, just 450 feet away!!  What bounteous cacophony!!  Music to the ears of anyone from the American Petroleum Institute!!  The future buyers won’t mind the noise though because they will have no need to venture outside. They can just cozy up in the media room in the basement.  Anyway, this breathtaking bonanza of tailpipe emissions comes with a 4 car garage, 5 full and 2 half baths and six bedrooms.