March 3, 2013


Let’s play “Count the Columns”.  Today Land of Excess is looking at the “Hotel-like master suite” [this is from the listing, we swear] of a residential structure in Vienna, VA listed at $1,399,000.  The listing claims that there has been “$750,000 in recent remodels and upgrades!”  Sheesh!!!!  We reckon that little bar thing installed to the right of the fireplace was one of them. And darned if it doesn’t have two little black columns incorporated into its design.  And note the two completely unnecessary (structurally) columns to the right and left of the fireplace.  The one on the left is especially awkward, yet somehow it is supposed to add appeal to this place.  And as we look through into the other room that is one step up, we see that there are two more structurally unnecessary columns.  This place has been columnated!  Columns must be like money in the bank!  Catnip to Greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area buyers!