March 28, 2014


Today Land of Excess has our usual complaints about residential dwelling design.  Thelisting for this place in Rockville, MD (asking price $2,695,000) mentions the “open and airy flow for family living & exquisite entertaining!”.  Golly if this place is 9200 sq. feet and was “extensively renovated” you would think they would have put at least one of the two toilets serving the Master Bedroom closer to where the Master Bed might actually be so that one doesn’t have an accident on the long journey in the middle of the night.And there is also quite a long “flow” from the Walk-In Closet to the “Mud/Laundry Room”.  Who the hell wants a laundry room that is also a mud room except a boutique organic farmer such as our founder’s brother?  To get all those Neiman Marcus-purchased velour garments down to the laundry room in this building requires going though a door, down what some would call a Grand Staircase, down one step into the Dining Room, through a door into the Butler’s Pantry [maybe it is the butler who is doing this] and through another door into the Mud/Laundry Room.  Hunh?