March 27, 2013


Land of Excess brings you, for a change of pace, this halcyon scene from the circular driveway of a residence on 133 acres in Upperville, VA, about 50 miles from our nation’s capital.  We write this as we hear a very low-flying helicopter thump-thumping over us, flying surely from nearby Mt. Weather.  Golly just like the LAPD helicopters sounded in East Hollywood during the crack-addled 1990s!!!!  Back to the picture, though– we ponder the meaning of this entryway vignette.  What promise does it hold for those who dare enter?  A Freudian hell?  Hemingway-esque drink-addled dramas?  Uber-Capitalist-style “Let’s Play ‘Get the Guest’” parlour games?  Whoops our imaginations are running away with us.   Anyway, $6,000,000. gets you the 133 acres, a 4 car garage, 9 full and 1 half bath, and 8 bedrooms.