March 21, 2013


Today Land of Excess churns and foams with fury about this giant gatehouse thingy in the ‘exclusive’ and hellish “McLean Reserve” built by the Gulick Group in McLean, VA.  Our understanding is that this developer purchased the very large tract of land bordered on the north by the hard-fought-for-scenic-byway-status-bearing Georgetown Pike, and on the south by the estimable Old Dominion Drive.  Then, the Gulick Group built public roads northward from Old Dominion through some pretend gatehouse-like thingies that give the impression of privatude and that we assume were meant also to increase property values as well as discourage the wandering hoi polloi, and they also built public roads south from Georgetown Pike– BUT, most cleverly and in a maneuver heretofore unheard of (???), in the MIDDLE of their tract, they erected this private structure through which only “McLean Reserve” residents might pass.  This cleverness prevents the rest of us from crossing through.  Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, who amongst you were uncorrupted?