March 19, 2013


Land of Excess brings you the largest residential building in Montgomery County, MD.  Today we were alerted by a reader that the Washington Post was covering a breaking and entering here:  “‘Moorish American national’ charged with trying to take mansion”.  On another note, we have read that several democratic politicians and their contributors have been entertained here at parties.  We have featured this Bethesda, MD place before; you all may recall the “Twin Scarlett O’Hara staircases”.  First listed for $8,999,999 in June 2010, now available, after the “STUPENDOUS REDUCTION”, for $5,999,999.  This includes the 4 car garage, 12 bedrooms, and 14 full and 2 half baths.  Also, f.y.i.,193 doors, 630 hinges, 265 windows, 331 recessed lights, 503 wall switches, and 70 tons of steel.  Hey you could strip this place down like a stolen car and make a profit.

And check out the miniaturized but “live” realtor-type-person here: