March 17, 2013


Land of Excess has visited this “25,000 SF mansion with unique state-of-the-art features” before but somehow we didn’t notice what was in this picture of the kitchen featuring the stovetop and cabinetry and such.  What we see now is a monitor to the right of the stovetop showing what appears to be 9 different security camera images.  We can make out some of the shots:  the top left features the fountain with puti-like figures in the circular driveway in front of the house;  the very middle shot is an interior view of the 5 car garage.  We get all warm and fuzzy imagining family time at home, cooking up a big pot of spaghetti sauce on that stove and making sure that the car that just pulled into the garage is the car that is supposed to be there. How great to live in Potomac, MD!!  The garage comes with 11 full and 5 half baths and 9 bedrooms, all for $10,000,000.