June 5, 2014


Land of Excess is astonished to discover that David Niroo,  the builder of ne-plus-ultra Hubristic Period McMansions, the most decadent stuff in the vicinity of Our Nations Capital, is for some reason selling HIS OWN HOME!!!!  Built in 2006!!!!  How can this be??? Why sell something so perfect, so “Unparalleled in Design”?  We ponder what dissatifactions might have precipitated this event.  What could go wrong with living in almost 20,000 square feet of “European Villa” smack dab in the middle of Potomac, MD?  Inquiring minds want to see full reportage somewhere of the after-splatter.  Anyway, $14,000,000. will get you 9 bedrooms, 8 full and 4 partial baths, and garaging for 4.