June 24, 2013


We wonder if passengers in the airplanes coming by on the Potomac River flightpath (in and out of what we prefer to call National Airport) are pointing and gawking in amazement at the erosion in this posh neighborhood of McLean, VA.  Do they put their tray tables up in the locked position and then turn to each other and ask who got these zoning and building codes passed into law?   Anyway, this fine example of Hubristic Period blight on the Potomac has been newly re-listed as of today, for $12,500,000.   Land of Excess has “visited” it several times, and it is featured in one of the posts included in the Land of Excess portion of the group exhibition Artist-Citizen at Hemphill Fine Arts in Washington, D.C.  This place has almost been up for auction several times, but we suppose the owner who made the mistake of having it constructed must somehow be hanging on by his fingernails or else is just completely deluded.