June 21, 2013


Land of Excess was going to address the topic of The Real Estate Agent today but realized that there are some things we need to work out in our minds before doing so.  So, instead, we bring you the “Grand Foyer” of a residential building in McLean, VA.  The online listing text says that this is a “Tuscan style villa” [sic].  Please, someone, point out to Land of Excess the Tuscan aspects of this “Grand Foyer”.  We concede that the four steps at right do seem European, and rather nice.  But otherwise, we are confused, and ponder, as well as question, the use of so much painted black iron or wrought iron or aluminum.  Is that typical of the “Tuscan”?  We may be ignorant.  But we do think that this material is more suited to the exterior of a dwelling.  $3,245,000 gets you garaging for 4 cars, 4 full and 3 half baths, and 4 bedrooms.