June 11, 2013


June 11, 2013.    Land of Excess’s founder has never been on a big commercial cruise ship, but somehow looking at this photo we are made to think of such things.  Oh, by the way, “This is a true Masterpiece!”  Also, it has “Hi-Tech Security with 9 cams….”  Perhaps these are hardwired directly to the NSA, but we would rather they be wired to some really groovy Sociology Department in some swell college, where students could study and take notes on “Life in the McMansion: McLean-Style”.  The thought of these 9 “cams” suddenly reminds us of the documentary screened by PBS in 1973 called “An American Family” starring the Loud family and we wonder if we could come up with something fun using theses 9 “cams”.  A new genre is born: Security Camera Family Drama.   Anyway, all yours for $6,750,000 in McLean, VA with garaging for 5 cars, 7 full and 3 half baths for mass simultaneous urinations, and 6 bedrooms.