July 8, 2014


Land of Excess revisits the heaping pile of construction materials that we presented yesterday.  Today we have a room with a fully mirrored wall, being used by the current occupant as a work-out room.  On the wall opposite the mirror, what appear to be multiple slabs of pink marble are placed within frames of gilded material.  These contrast mightily with the diagonally installed multi-wood floor.  These must be the “finest finishes” mentioned in the realtor’s text.  We would like to have been a fly on the wall listening to the conversation during the decision-making on which “fine finishes” to use, and where in this residential structure they might be installed.  We forgot to mentioned yesterday that this building is in Great Falls, VA, and that it can be had for $7,250,000.  It has garaging for 8 cars,  8 bedrooms and 8 full and 1 partial bath.