July 20, 2014


This morning, perusing online real estate listings, Land of Excess was startled to find this replica of the White House offered for sale in far western McLean, VA,  only about a half a mile from where we grew up in Great Falls.  We recall this residential building, erected in 1990, as the second bubble-bursting concoction to disrupt our naive notion that our old neighborhood and environs would always be what we understood them to be [elaboration withheld out of mercy to our readers].  The first bubble-bursting concoction was what was locally known as “The Bellview Hilton”, down the road 2 miles, also built in 1990.  Anyway, today’s replica of the White House is not to be confused with the one we presented over a year ago, built by a man who had fled Vietnam and managed to reach the US and was so grateful to his new country and the success he found here that he built himself a small scale White House as tribute.   The internet real estate listing for today’s building starts out like this:

“A rare opportunity to acquire one of Washington, D.C.’s most prestigious properties, The White House on Georgetown Pike in McLean is for sale.”  All yours for $6,899,000 including 7 full and 3 partial baths and 6 bedrooms and garaging for 4.