July 14, 2013


Today Land of Excess brings you this computer rendering of an elevated view of the infinity pool at a “NEW HOME UNDER CONSTRUCTION” in Great Falls, VA.  We are wondering why this “magnificent 14,500 sq ft custom built home” has to have windowless exterior walls similar to those of a prison.  Was this place designed by someone specializing in institutional or prison architecture?  Land of Excess’s founder fondly recalls her sudden frisson of understanding on learning that Langley HIgh School in McLean, VA, which her older brother was attending at the time, had been designed by a “prison architect”.  This place is eerily similar, except for the curves.  And it “will be ready by Valentine’s day [sic] February 2014”, at $5,500,000 including a 4 car garage, 8 full and 4 half baths, and 6 bedrooms.