January 14, 2014


Tonight Land of Excess visits for the third time in a row a residential dwelling in Potomac, MD offered at $3,000,000 that features giant Bougeureau reproductions in the “Fitness Room” and a gilded tanning bed with wacky Michelangelo-esque accoutrements in the  “Tanning Area”.  One explores this listing via a software-thingy now called “truplace” [sic] [“formerly Mouse On House”].  One mouses over the  floorplan accompanying the listing, and pictures of the various rooms pop up, with descriptions.  This picture is of the “Venetian Room”. It is on the lower level, as were the previously mentioned rooms. It suddenly occurs to us in our slow and philistine sort of way that maybe this Potomac, MD place houses a harem.  Our founder wonders if her art career might prove more lucrative were she to make harem-appropriate work.