February 8, 2013


Land of Excess doesn’t understand this little bit of weirdness along the roofline. Why would one do this, instead of either having the roof NOT jut out up there at all, or having the rest of the roof come out the same distance?  Somebody tell us, as we lack the expertise.  Certainly it can’t be one of the “exquisite architectural details” of this listing. And how about that really heavy handed but under-designed and oddly ungrounded arch? It looks to us like a giant horseshoe-shaped magnet that KABLAM!!! just came right down out of the sky and stuck.  Anyway, this photo shows the “guest cottage” of a residential building in Potomac, MD with a 5 car garage, 7 full and 1 half baths, and 5 bedrooms.  Offered at $2,450,000.

Founder’s note:  we have since figured out that this was probably a barn and that there were one or more reasons why the roof might protrude here at the location where hay might be placed inside the upper part.