February 27, 2015


The kind person who urges us to post more on our website has generously submitted a real estate listing suitable for our enterprise.  And what a specimen it is!!!!!!!!  A “Grand home tucked into a private setting”!!!!!  If what is pictured here constitutes “tucked in” then we would be terrified to see what constitutes “thrown up”.  Anyway, this builder seems not to be concerned that there is as yet no indication of how one might go from one’s car to the “Front Door”.  We anticipate that in years to come this custom of having a “Front Door” that is used by nobody will result in an even more vestigial entryway, and will eventually be completely eliminated or repurposed into, for instance, a  bright spot for “crafting” or “scrapbooking”.  This vinyl-sided, asphalt-shingled residential structure with 5 bedrooms, 4 full and 2 partial baths, and garaging for 3 cars, on 16 acres in Harwood, MD (east of Washington, D.C. near the Chesapeake Bay) can be all yours for only $999,900.