February 26, 2015


Land of Excess paid a virtual visit to Florida on this snowy morning in the mid-Atlantic, just for a bit of warmth and sunshine, and ran smack dab into ‘Palazzo Grande Mansion’ in Palm Beach Gardens.  Here is a picture of the Billiard Room.  In our minds we are expending considerable mental energy trying to reconcile these unadorned run-of-the-mill windows with the faux “Hunt of the Unicorn” (and other) tapestries and the elaborate carvings or possibly things-made-from-molds, and the chandelier.  We find the effort discouraging.  This place has 40 chandeliers, a 75 guest ballroom, six full and two half baths, and six bedrooms.  But only a two car garage.  Oh by the way the dining room has a ceiling featuring 80 hand-carved cherubs.  Maybe we should have shown that.  All yours for $30,000,000.