February 20, 2013


Land of Excess often wonders about the state of residential architecture in the Greater

Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area.  Our founder’s personal sadness and revulsion at the McMansioning of her ole family home is awakened every time she has to drive through Northern Virginia.  She resents having to look at what some people consider enviable houses.  Where is the innovation in design, what happened to the contemporary, how come the rigid division between indoor and outdoor, and on and on?  Might this all be driven by the ignorance and lack of imagination of the buyers?  We are not sure where to point our finger in blame.  Anyway, last night, perusing our favorite magazine, The World of Interiors, published in England, we slobbered over this house in Mexico, built within the last six years.  A house such as this would require some major tweaking to be functional in a Mid-Atlantic climate, but wouldn’t it be swell to have to see it built into a hill in some nice old hayfield rather than have to see a bad imitation of Versailles.