February 18, 2014


Land of Excess is struck almost dumb by the verbiage in a listing for a residential building in Great Falls, VA . This place in in a little development built years ago on top of a beautiful old farm that we remember fondly.  For your entertainment, we provide here much of the aforementioned verbiage: “Unsurpassed Beauty – The PRIME CUT of Great Falls – McLean….Capacious refined timelessness offering uniqueness in design where unexpected privacy and social needs in one.  The majestic expansiveness of a 8+H x 300+L dual stone retaining wall makes a statement of originality, whilst asserting a plenitude of classic grandeur….”  All this ‘privacy and social needs’ are yours for $3,145,000 including garaging for 4, 5 full bathrooms, and 6 bedrooms.