December 3, 2013


As we promised yesterday, Land of Excess returns for a second visit to this place where, as the listing verbiage claims, “NO STONE HAS BEEN LEFT UNTURNED!”.And it would appear that no ornamentation has been left out.  Behold the gold Corinthian columns!  On their gray and pink marble and tile pedestals!  Mightily impressive to someone!  We like the reiteration of the gold motif on the closet double doors, but really, in a foyer that includes two gold Corinthian columns, there should not be something as mundane as a closet. This type of mashup is a real problem in this place, throughout which there is an unusual mixing of grandness with plebeian both in the architecture as well as the decor.  Oh well.  In Bethesda, MD for $2,995,000 with garaging for 2, 4.5 baths, and 4 bedrooms.