December 2, 2014


Today Land of Excess has a little fun, working out some ideas on how to express our dismay at the incoherence of McMansion design in the Greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area.  We feel a little awkward about this, but press ahead with this fledgling mean effort anyway.  Here we have these two lovely young real estate buyer/seekers, dressed quite differently from each other, as if they had never met, who are nevertheless a couple, as they check out this “elegant stone French Normandy masterpiece” and its “dramatic collection of ornate rooms”.  They are lingering in the grand entry foyer of this $5,390,000 residential building in Potomac, MD with 7 full and 3 partial bathrooms, garaging for [only] 3 cars, and 5 bedrooms.   We are sure that they have no idea that the exterior and interior design of this place have nothing to do with each other.