December 2, 2013


Land of Excess has never seen such a fine example of Hubristic Period architecture combined with School of Incongruency decor such as this!!!!  Well, almost never.  We will try to examine this place thoroughly over an unknown (at this time) number of postings.  This will permit us to say, afterwards, that our attention to it has been of the same qualities as the listing broker has claimed for this listing:  “NO STONE HAS BEEN LEFT UNTURNED”.  We guess that the sellers may not speak English as a first or second language.  Here we present a view of the front of the building, and its multi-tiered fountain.  All yours including multitudes of unnecessary columns for $2,995,000. This includes garaging for two, 4 full and 1 partial bath, and 4 bedrooms, in Bethesda, MD