December 12, 2013


Land of Excess was startled to come across this little video about the residential dwelling we presented yesterday, in Great Falls, VA.  We feel that this place is a real “mansion” not a “McMansion”.  It was built in 2004 and is listed at $6,500,000.  Anyway, with high-end real estate, realtors often make a little video piece, and here we have Bay Buchanan, sister of Pat Buchanan, presenting her little video piece.  Bay Buchanan, says Wikipedia, was the “national treasurer of the “Reagan for President” primary campaigns of 1976 and 1980” and ran Pat Buchanan’s campaigns for President.  She has served in miscellaneous other capacities in the Republican Party.  She says, in her listing agent bio: “Only in America can you have as much fun living life as I have had.”  She became a realtor in 2012