December 1, 2014


Happy December!!!!  Land of Excess’s founder didn’t need her second cup of coffee this morning as this assembly of parts, this blight upon the landscape, jolted her awake quite enough.  Situated in McLean, VA, with garaging for 5, 9 full and 3 partial baths, and 8 bedrooms, it is offered up to any unwitting or visually impaired buyer for $5,500,000.  We can’t help thinking that better siting towards due south could have at least minimized the appearance of the  ‘problem areas’ of this building.  Also, an English-speaking realtor might have described this place better for that visually impaired buyer.  Here is the full listing text:   “The Mayfair The Celebration Of Artistic Brilliance Of Aic Arthritics and Mazen Ayoubi State Of The Art Technology The Mayfair Empresses You With Its Majestic Charm. Advanced Lighting, Audio and Temperature Adjusted To Your Mood.”