August 6, 2013


Land of Excess brings you this 4 car garage in Rockville, MD.  We like it that each garage door has the 4 little windows in it, that really resonates for us.  And how about those arches?!  Our founder slobbers over the potential studio space in that garage, but wouldn’t want the residential building that is attached, even if it has 6 full and 3 half baths and 6 bedrooms.  And even if it has a cast iron gate at the entrance and even if 3 out of 4 sides of the lot are fenced with white brick columns and a cast iron fence.  All yours in Rockville, MD for only $1,499,900.  For sale by owner.  What is it they say about people who insist on representing themselves in court?  We think that applies a little to selling one’s own dwelling too.