August 27, 2013


Our founder’s aunt brought this place to our attention; it had been featured in the Washington Post’s “House of the Week”, of which we were unaware.  [We feel so lame now!!!!]  Anyway,   Post writer Kathy Orton has this little tidbit hidden within her multiparagraph piece on August 23:  “Perhaps the home’s most unusual feature is a 30-foot concrete encased tunnel that leads from the lower level to the second lot. [Second lot meaning the adjacent acreage/lot that is included with this place.] The owner had planned to construct a guesthouse, swimming pool, indoor basketball court and tennis courts on that land.”   SO WHERE IS THE PICTURE OF THIS TUNNEL???  WE WANT TO SEE!!!  Anyway, sounds like this wasn’t a spec house when it was built in 2011, since it had someone called an “owner”.   Wonder what happened?   And, standards-wise, does this tunnel up the ante– could an underground tunnel become de rigeur?   Land of Excess feels compelled to note that we feel slightly forgiving towards this place as it seems to have been constructed and designed rather well, despite its excessiveness.  Can our readers forgive us?