August 19, 2013


Land of Excess ran across a brief piece (about a property that we have featured before) on Saturday in the Washington Post Real Estate section.  We were so unimpressed with the little piece that we can’t help quoting it here.  Bear in mind that it is about a residential building that is 24,000 square feet, asking price $10,000,000., 11 full and 5 half baths, 9 bedrooms etc. etc.  The writer explains the features of the building, including the elaborate marble fountain, crystal chandeliers, marble floors, marble fireplaces, two kitchens ad nauseum and adds: “ “This is a very private property, surrounded by trees, so the person who buys this won’t be anyone flashy” says Associate Broker Hamid Samiy….The buyers will be people who want to live very quietly and privately”.  Samiy isn’t marketing this property heavily in the D.C. area [ANYMORE!!!! It has been for sale since August 4, 2011]  He’s focusing instead on reaching the international luxury home market….”