August 19, 2013


As an antidote to today’s earlier post, Land of Excess brings you this cabin out in Bluemont, VA, a couple of miles from our founder’s place.  Bluemont is about 45 miles west as the crow flies from Washington, D.C.  Drive time about 1 hour and 20 minutes or more in good traffic.  However, you can have this “charming, restored 1800’s log cabin” with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath for only $89,000.  It has a “County approved” composting toilet, and a “County approved” rainwater collection system.  And this place doesn’t have a bunch of grand double debutante staircases to polish and ascend and descend.  Plus, f.y.i., if this water thing makes you kind of anxious, we happen to know that you could easily have 4000 gallons of water sitting around in tanks if you wanted to.  Our founder’s cousin does, very close-in to Washington.