August 10, 2013


A gated golf community “of luxury and success” out in Leesburg, VA has its own Artist-In-Residence! Land of Excess is so excited we can hardly breath! Where can our founder get a gig like this? The Creighton Farms website tell us that “The intimate relationship between the viewer and the paintings is what makes Neel’s work such a perfect match for Creighton Farms”. Oh those crazy developers and their crazy ideas!! And, on the topic of their development, they say “Here, we’re developing a gated community of luxury and success to match your lifestyle….” It [the gated community] “offers a life of luxury, grace, and opportunity defined by success, not confined by it.” DANG we wouldn’t want to be confined by our success!!!! Wait–is that confinement happening to us now? Is that the funny feeling of…inwardness that we feel???